Create your own Nomadpreneur Tagline!

That's OUR tagline! Pretty cool, huh? But, what's that?? You've got your own ideas of why being a nomadpreneur is necessary, vital and almost compulsory way of life? And yours is better, and way funnier? Okay, so prove it! Announcing:

That's right, now you can suggest a better tagline and win a prize, or simply create a personalized version of our logo for your screen saver, your signature file in your emails, your Facebook page, or wherever you wish! You can even type YOUR website address in that space!

Here are some that have already been submitted for the contest!

The possibilities are infinite!!! Well, okay, it can't be more than 32 characters including spaces. That's the challenge! A challenge to your amazing creativity! (Think "tagline Haiku!")

So, go ahead! Do it! Waste some time doing something fun! Your job sucks anyway! Click on the link below, to go to the creation page, type and see how your personalized tag line would look on our logo! Then just click enter to enter it into the contest. Also, (and this is part is completely optional), enter your name or pseudonym (that's a fake name) along with your email address!. In either case, the point of this is for you to share it with your friends and show them just how witty you are and make a valuable contribution to this important, necessary and sophisticated discussion!

Eventually, the community will vote on the best entries, and the winner will get, um, something...hmmmm,, Okay, how 'bout this: the top 10 winners (decided on by vote) will get a free ebook edition of ANY ONE of the nomadpreneur-passionpreneur books we have on sale. But feel free to purchase one anyway, and you'll get a different one free when, um, if you win!


Use it personally, or submit it to the contest!
No restrictions! It's absolutely free!

Wear it with pride!

Let the world know you're a surviving and thriving nomadpreneur, untied from the world of corporate employment, free to roam about the planet, experiencing all that life has to offer!

First steps?

My suggestion is to start with a quick reading of Ducks in a Row??? Please. How to find the courage to finally QUIT your soul-draining, life-sapping, energy-depleting, freedom-robbing job now...before it's too late..and live passionately ever after!

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