Life can be a dream! Shi-boom! Shi-boom!



There are, of course, many reasons why you might choose the uncommon lifestyle of nomadpreneur over the security and stability of the typical job. The first, of course, is that security and stability are illusions, or at best quite overrated! These days, you are often no more secure and stable in a one-location, regular-paycheck job as you might have been in the past. People are waking up to the realization that security is the opposite of freedom, and that with "security" often come restrictions that deprive life of its spice!

Then, there's the simple freedom of being able to move about the planet at leisure, see different things, meet new people, increase dating circles and really enjoy being on the planet!

"Work at home" or "wander and roam" the choice is yours!

Now, there's no rule that says you have to travel continuously as a nomadpreneur. Once you establish an income strategy that frees you from needing to be in one physical location, you can enjoy that freedom at home, or on the road! You can simply move to a new location and call that "home." There are no rules!

The Community

Here is the first of many profiles of Nomadpreneurs! If you are, or know someone who qualifies as a nomadpreneur, email me and I'll offer a profile here for you or your business!--Walt

Heru's Escape

Heru grew up in the Bronx, but recently escaped from America and is now living in the Virgin Islands!

The selling!

The packing!

The jeep goes, boat!

The escape!

The reward!
Here's an email he cc'd me on that he sent to his network to help me spread the word about a recent teleclass

Good Morning!
"Whether you are currently in business or not--if you'd like to move your passion, your idea, your relationships and/or your life forward in a positive way, then this tele-class is for you!

Walt Goodridge has been a trusted friend and advisor of mine for almost two decades. If you are one of the many people who want to know HOW I created enterprises based on what I LOVE to do, how I was able to walk away from the world of J-O-B's (= Just Over Broke) and never look back, and how I was able to Live True to myself and make my 'Escape to Paradise,' in the Virgin Islands, then you absolutely NEED to tune in on Monday evening!

The Passion Prophet is the person who provided me with specific instruction on how to SUCCESSFULLY take my dreams and make them a Reality! Not only does he KNOW, but he has already LIVED on several continents, developed great relationships and created several positive financial opportunities in the process.

Mark your calendar to confirm your attendance. If you cannot make it, please feel free to SHARE this FREE opportunity with your friends, family, colleagues and Loved ones. Everybody wins when someone shares...

The Road to FREEDOM can start with a simple call... Hope you can attend."

Ken the Hipster's Escape

Ken, the hipster, is a recent coaching client who sought my advice to bring his “escape from America” dream to life! After a single session, Ken, who was born and lived all his life in New York, embarked on his first-ever trip outside the United States to experience Japan! He enjoyed it so much that upon his return, he immediately booked a flight to Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan is a...Read the full story on my Jamaican in China blog!

Stay tuned for a forum/bulletin board online community just for nomadpreneurs and the people who love them (or want to be like them!)

In the meantime, check out the Happier Abroad forum for another community of travel-minded escapees!

I'm also in the brainstorming process of organizing special matchmaking tours of Asia! Stay tuned for that one! That should be fun!