How to Become a Nomadpreneur (The Untethered Lifestyle)
A pocket guide of income strategies, travel jobs & survival tips for expats, vagabonds, techies and rat race escapees who want to see the world AND make money too!
by Walt F.J. Goodridge
How to become a nomadpreneur book cover
What if you had the freedom to travel the world and make money at the same time? What if your source of income did not depend on your actual physical location?

Well, nomadpreneurs have that freedom! A nomadpreneur is someone whose income strategy allows him or her the freedom to "travel and roam" while generating money "abroad or at home."

I know how it feels. I was a frustrated, corporate-cubicle-confined civil engineer in New York City until I engineered my escape from the rat race and ran off to a tropical island to live out my nomadpreneur dream. In this guide, I'll shares the motivation, methods and mindset as well as specific details of the income strategies I and others use to achieve and sustain what I call "the untethered lifestyle." You'll learn or discover:

• Why escape might be the sanest act you ever commit
• If you can (or should) simply nomadize your current job
• Proven strategies for making money overseas
• Which--location-free or location-bound--suits you better
• Travel, accommodation, immigration, safety & survival tips
• Profiles of folks who've found nomadpreneuring success
• Products, websites, apps and communities to help you
• PLUS: Travel jobs for the nomad-minded non-preneur
• AND What to do if you run out of money!
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