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Travel writers, vagabond bloggers, infopreneurs, nomadpreneurs, passionpreneurs, webmasters, fugitives, and just about anyone who simply wants freedom to run a business in a way that doesn't require your presence!
People are always asking!

Hey Walt, You’re actually living the life I’ve always wanted…to be anywhere in the world with my computer and still be making money...So tell me, how are you able to travel around from country to country…how do you work your business?"

Just a few days ago, during a teleclass, someone asked again:

I want to make a break for it and live in another country, but I have mortgages to pay..My fantasy life would be to be a full time writer, traveling internationally and writing novels, historical essays and getting paid to speak about it..."

I realized that what people were asking for was a template, a guide book, an operations manual, if you will, for how things actually work behind the scenes! How do you run your nomad's business life from multiple locations? How do you maintain a permanent residence obligations or "back home life" from an internet kiosk in Istanbul?

So, I decided to share the actual nuts and bolts of how I do just that. These are my private, classified, top-secret Operations Manuals for Freedom!

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