I'm not the only one!

Fun and Dating!

Let's get to the important stuff! If you already secretly know this in your heart, don't let anyone convince you otherwise, or feel ashamed to admit it: one of most popular reasons people want the freedom to work and roam is simply so they can meet new people...particulary people whom you might want to date and with whom to develop intimate relationships!

It's okay! It's nothing to be ashamed of. That's why I did it! I was never happy with the dating scene in the US, so I ran off to a tropical island in the Asia/Pacific region and travel to China, Singapore, Laos (and more to come!) simply to experience a new pool of friends and partners!

That's why, upon stumbling upon his site in 2012, I immediately felt a kinship with Winston Wu's Happier Abroad movement. He's done a great job of creating a community of people (both men and women) who are seeking and finding their bliss in other countries! In the words of Harry Browne, author of How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, "It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards," a quote that Winston uses as his signature.

With that said, one of the goals of the Nomadpreneur Movement is to equip you with the information and insights necessary to increase your dating success as well as the ultimate success of your relationships. My contribution to that outcome is the first in the Dexter Style series, "If you want to be my girlfriend..." Yes, it's geared primarily for men, but oddly enough, many of the book's first readers have been women! Go figure! In any event, please check it out at, where you can download a preview before you purchase. post image

I'm also in the brainstorming process of organizing special matchmaking tours of Asia! Stay tuned for that one! That should be fun!


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